In the relentless hustle of entrepreneurial life, the power of the mind often becomes the deciding factor between mere survival and unparalleled success. For Joanna Griffiths, the trailblazing founder of Knix, this truth became the cornerstone of her journey. Griffiths, one of fashion’s most successful entrepreneurs, revolutionized the intimate apparel industry, pioneering the market of leakproof and period underwear. Since its inception in 2013, Knix has emerged as a global leader in the intimate apparel space, culminating in a record-breaking sale of 80% of the business for an astounding $320 million in 2022, marking the largest publicly disclosed sale of a private company by a female founder in Canada.

Yet, behind the financial accolades and industry disruption lies a narrative of profound personal transformation and introspection, facilitated by the expertise of hypnotherapist Grace Smith. Smith, a beacon in the realms of executive performance and coaching, has been instrumental in guiding Griffiths through some of the most pivotal moments of her life, including pregnancy, post-partum, and the monumental decision to sell a majority stake in her company.

The Intersection of Hypnosis and High Stakes

Hypnosis, often misunderstood, is a powerful tool for mental conditioning and self-exploration. For business executives like Griffiths, operating in environments where the stakes are perpetually high, hypnosis offers a sanctuary for clarity, identity exploration, and decision-making prowess. Joanna’s engagement with hypnotherapy began amidst the chaos of COVID-19, a period marked by both personal and professional upheaval. Under Smith’s guidance, Griffiths embarked on a transformative journey, learning to thrive in tranquility as much as in chaos, a skill paramount for any leader navigating the unpredictable waters of entrepreneurship.

A Prism of Possibilities

One of the most transformative moments in Griffiths’ partnership with Smith involved a simple yet profound exercise with a glass prism. This exercise illuminated the intertwined nature of Griffiths’ identity with Knix, challenging her to envision a future where her impact could extend beyond the confines of her company. This pivotal moment played a crucial role in her decision to sell 80% of Knix, illustrating the potential for broader influence and fulfillment beyond the business realm.

Beyond Business: A Vision for Impact

Griffiths’ decision to sell was not motivated by financial gain but by a vision for greater impact. Hypnotherapy, through Smith’s adept guidance, unlocked a perspective where Griffiths could see the expansive scope of her influence — on her family, friends, and the causes dear to her. This realization underscores a critical message for business executives: success is not solely measured by financial metrics but by the breadth and depth of one’s impact.

Conclusion: The Transformative Power of Executive Coaching

Joanna Griffiths’ journey from a visionary entrepreneur to a leader poised for broader societal impact exemplifies the transformative potential of executive coaching and hypnotherapy. In a world where business leaders are constantly seeking an edge, the partnership between Griffiths and Grace Smith highlights an often-overlooked frontier for personal and professional development: the power of the mind. As executives strive to elevate their performance and mindset, embracing the introspective and transformative capabilities of hypnosis can pave the way for groundbreaking achievements and a legacy of impact.

For business leaders embarking on their own journeys of transformation, the story of Joanna Griffiths and Grace Smith serves as a beacon, illuminating the path to not just entrepreneurial success, but a life of meaningful influence and fulfillment.

Joanna’s Testimonial:

“Just last week I sold 80% of my company for $320 million and Grace’s support was extremely instrumental in helping me get through the process mentally and emotionally. This year has been the most stressful of my professional career yet in the midst of it all I have been kinder to myself than ever before. With Grace’s help I have let go of years worth of work-related emotional baggage and have clarity around the life I want to live and the leader, partner, mother and friend I want to be. I feel lighter and so ready for this next era of my life. At first I wasn’t sure the investment of the VIP program would be worth it but now I’m getting ready to sign up for my next package and I can’t wait. Thank you, Grace!”

Transcript of Joanna’s podcast segment where she chats about Grace:

Joanna Griffith  29:03

is okay, so I have two speeds like zero or 100. I can between not really but I can go to zero, like in a way that I think surprises people. If given the opportunity, I can lie in bed all day binge watch reality TV for like 10 hours at a time. Like, I can just like take that moment. You know, when I started my undergrad career, I feel like I started more at zero than I did at 100. And then I like learn to live more at the 100 level probably in fear of the zero. So I started to allow myself to do that when I realized that going there didn’t mean that I couldn’t dial back up, you know, especially I think because in those early days of nicks when you would stop it would be so


Valeria Lipovetsky  29:44

hard to get back. Yeah, the rhythm. Yeah, exactly.


Joanna Griffith  29:47

Exactly. So you sort of had to keep the momentum wasn’t there’s like I said you had to drive it yourself. What I’m trying to do more now is maybe not, I’m not I’m not doing this successfully. So I’ll just say that maybe not live as much at either extreme. Like, what if I spent more time somewhere between zero and 100? Well, what would that look like? You know, how great would that be? So I’m trying to do more of that.


Valeria Lipovetsky  30:12

Do you have any reminders for yourself for that? Like what anything that kind of like, okay, I’m going too much here and too much there. Remember,


Joanna Griffith  30:20

I feel it in my body. Like I just said, Get I started to feel anxious. And I know that I’m like, about to overdo it. So it’s more of like an alarm system. And a reminder, I would say like, I don’t know if you can relate to this. Just like I’m like, Oh, God, we are like one week away from complete CRASH CRASH. Yeah. So then I’m ever chance to stop it. So I think that’s good. Yeah, I I’ve tried to learn I work with a Hypnotherapist. That’s been something that’s been really important to me. Yeah, I know. I’ve been doing it for three to four years, I feel like you would be Yeah, tell me more. How


Valeria Lipovetsky  30:53

did that come about?


Joanna Griffith  30:55

I got connected to her through a good friend of mine, Michelle Romanov, who’s also an entrepreneur. And we started working together throughout COVID, really, after my son was born, but before my girls were born, that’s one of the things I’ve really been working through is getting my mind to thrive in the quiet. I can thrive in the chaos. More than most people like I like chaos, I can deal a lot with change. But how do I learn to actually like thrive and recharge in the quiet and that’s something that I’ve been really working on.


Valeria Lipovetsky  31:28

I think a lot of people don’t realize that part of the I don’t even know if it’s just entrepreneurs anymore. I feel like in today’s time and age, we’re all are in this chaos constantly. That the idea even when we create this quiet environment, we actually don’t know how to tap into it, like actually be in it. We don’t. That’s why I think a lot of the concept of like self care and self love a lot of it started with a lot of fuzzy and kind of, you know, like to have a mask have a bubble bath. Yeah. And it’s clear creating the environment. But


Joanna Griffith  32:05

if you can’t, like reset your mind, it’s not going to work. It’s not gonna


Valeria Lipovetsky  32:09

Yeah, so for you, the hypnotherapy has helped


Joanna Griffith  32:12

because I was very much the same. I mean, working in music, my first job, there was music blaring it every single person’s desk like this was how I learned to work. So when I was writing my GMAT, to go to business school, I had to go study at loud cafes, because I actually couldn’t think in a library, like I need to exist in in the chaos. Yeah, there was like a really cool visualization exercise I did with grace, who helps me and it was this idea that I’ve like, lived in this room. It’s just filled with like graffiti everywhere. And it’s like shape shifting and stuff. And then when it’s a blank canvas, like what can you start to create? You know, and how do you like, become more comfortable sitting in those quiet moments? So even now, I don’t travel as much as I used to. I used to travel a lot more before COVID. But, you know, how do you use those times to just have a minute when you’re on an airplane by yourself without the distraction of blank? Yeah, exactly.


Valeria Lipovetsky  33:13

I love that. Yeah, I can visualize that. So clearly, I know, I know.


Joanna Griffith  33:17

And back to the identity thing to she really helped me with that as well. Like, I did this one exercise. And this is part of the reason why I made the decision to sell the company or sell the majority of the company was I did this exercise and there was like a paperweight like glass paperweight in the shape of a prism. And so she got me to recognize the fact that for the last like 10 years of my life, I’ve taken this prism and put it up to my heart. And like every single cause I care about every topic, I want to cover every taboo I want to break down. I’ve like laser beam powered pointed it into next. So it’s really easy to feel like is that me? Or is that the company? Right? And what happens if, if they’re not together anymore? And she got me to do this really powerful exercise where I took that same paperweight I put it up to the same heart, but you turned it around. And all of a sudden the light instead of shining on one thing could shine on all kinds of things. Yeah. And that was really groundbreaking for me too.


Valeria Lipovetsky  34:22

So based on that exercise, you started thinking about selling the company like that’s where it started. That was come to you before


Joanna Griffith  34:33

I had been reached out to so I was in discussions to do this. And it’s a pretty big decision, you know, especially for something that you’ve tied so much of your meaning to and that was probably the most groundbreaking experience that really showed me I love pointing a laser beam but I really want to point there’s more things that I want to be able to shine a light on and once I saw all of those things visually in the light like my family My friends causes I couldn’t put them back so clear couldn’t put them back in the dark.


Valeria Lipovetsky  35:05

This is what I’m talking about, right? When we started this conversation, and I was asking about your identity. Yeah, this is where I wanted to hear your experience, because a lot of us tie so much of these things that we build, honestly, even the roles that we play, not even a career, but motherhood. You know, being a wife being a friend, like a lot of the times we do exactly that, where we put so much of our core and identity and to one roll. Yeah. And I always think about what’s going to happen when it’s going to not even go away, but change, like, how is it going to affect me? Am I going to be like a leaf in the wind, you know, just going with whatever, we have the wind blows. And for me, one of the biggest shifts, specifically in motherhood that happened was when I was reading Eckhart Tolle New Earth, he had this chapter and it’s a very, it’s the book is just, there’s so much insight, and you’ll have to read it very slowly and pick it up at certain moments in your life, right, because a lot of the times the concept are just do not penetrate. And I picked it up at this moment where I was in a bit of a struggle between leaning more into my career, but then creating a space for my real self, and moving away from the identity of the social media persona, but then also feeling guilty that I’m not running towards my identity as a mom, like I didn’t fully feel like I will be happy doing that. 100%. So very confused. And I read this chapter, about the roles, and he was talking about the concept of these are all roles that we play in our lifetime. And sometimes these roles will change will go away. And this constant importance of building the core that that identity, aside from all these roles is so important. Because you’ll be able to know when to surrender when to let go, when to pull one closer, and you know, release one. And that just changed my life. It made everything so much more simple. Like not everything is on me, and then that everything is like, you know, felt lighter. Yeah. So that was a big thing. What made you? Well, you’re going back and forth with your decision that you reached out to do this virtualization,


Joanna Griffith  37:40

I wasn’t going back and forth. I mean, I’ve been I was really lucky to kind of work with grace, who has been supporting me through these, like very big moments of like, major change and transition. And I didn’t know that that was going to be the case, when I started working with her. I just, I felt like I needed to change. As a person, I had a lot of work to do to kind of be more comfortable with who I was and like myself more authentically and show up as myself. And so this felt hypnotherapy felt like a great way to do it. And so that’s how it all started. But no, she was really, really helpful working through that very, very big life choice and decision. And if you know me, you know, I’m like, I’m not financially motivated. That’s not what drives me like i i want NICs to have a home and I want to have the biggest impact that I can as a person while I am fortunate enough to like live on this earth. And so it was that kind of moment of seeing like, Okay, this could enable me to have a bigger impact. And actually, why don’t I move forward with that? So


Valeria Lipovetsky  38:42

it was never about money? Was it ever about ego? Was it ever like I need to prove to be


Joanna Griffith  38:47

okay, in the beginning? Yes, for sure. I was very, very driven by ego. In the beginning, it was all about proving people wrong. I had a lot of people in my life who were extremely supportive of what I was doing my part my like, husband and partner is amazing. He really pushed encouraged me to do it. It was pretty atypical for my family to do this. And I got told no so many times, because the idea was really kind of crazy.


Valeria Lipovetsky  39:13

Like I mean, you’re very ahead of the game right now


Joanna Griffith  39:17

it seems commonplace because so many people use you know, period underwear leak preventer, but at the time, it was like yeah, people are like, you’re gonna make white like, how does this work? What do you how do we market this to people want to use that just every question. So absolutely ego and proving people wrong was a really big motivator for me in the beginning. That unlocked it side of my personality that I just did not like, really 100%


Valeria Lipovetsky  39:44

What did it show you about yourself?


Joanna Griffith  39:45

I weighed way more prefer to collaborate than to compete. I can be like a vicious competitor. I can fight I can. I do not like that part of me. So it taught me that It kind of like robs your joy, when so much of what you’re trying to do is for to prove someone else wrong. Does that make sense? Yeah. Is


Valeria Lipovetsky  40:10

it because you achieve it, but it doesn’t show up in any way? Oh, no,


Joanna Griffith  40:15



Valeria Lipovetsky  40:16

very fleeting feeling. Yeah,


Joanna Griffith  40:17

exactly. So, you know, those were all kind of some of the things that I really wanted to work on as a person, like I just, I wanted about something more meaningful and different. But it was never about money. Which is very interesting, very interesting. It’s about accountability. I definitely didn’t want to let people down. I had investors. So obviously, like, that comes with it. And then it was about in the beginning, proving a lot of people wrong. And then over time, it shifted into more. Okay, what’s the impact that you can have? How can you like, build a better life and world than, like you inherited? And how can you drive this change in people? And I think, you know, slowly over the last decade of like, doing all these things, like oftentimes leading the way with next and being vulnerable, and being really open, I just realized that like, that change is so incredible, it feels so much better to be comfortable with who you are, and like who you are, and be at ease with who you are. And so yeah, so there was a shift that happened, I kind


Valeria Lipovetsky  41:21

of love the idea that next is kind of your road for your own self discovery, right? It’s like it’s serving you. I mean, I know that the impact and the purpose, and the message is so much larger. But unless it changes you as a person, someone who touches this company every single day, it has so much more impact, right when it touches you personally. And I mean, you’ve learned so much about yourself through this journey. It’s really cool. I’m leaving with like, I’m processing a lot of information. Yeah. Life after birth. Mm hmm. Tell me about that project.


Rose Caiola
Principal Member, Bettina Equities Company; CEO, Rewire Me

“I have been lucky enough to work with several the greatest healers of our time and Grace Smith is absolutely one of them. I joined Grace’s VIP program about one year ago and after struggling with my weight throughout my life I managed to lose 20lbs effortlessly, it just melted off my body. The weight had been sitting there and wouldn’t budge for decades no matter what I did. I feel like my body has returned home to its true self because I finally felt safe enough to be seen. With Grace I also healed childhood trauma that was impacting every single relationship in my life. I found and began using my voice, expressing my core beliefs instead of being bullied into silence, which also radically transformed my life. I deepened my connection to my own intuition in ways that continuously blew my socks off. And now one year later I can still return to the safe place cultivated with Grace, surrounded by white birch trees, and filled to the brim with a profound level of peace. It was such a joy to meet with Grace and hear her voice each week! If you’ve tried different healing modalities like I did but find yourself still dealing with issues that persist in your life, they’re probably in your subconscious mind. If they are, Grace will help you find them and heal them, and your newly illuminated life will never be the same.”

Raj Jana
Serial Entrepreneur, investor and creator

“I've been working with Grace for a few months now. And to say that she has radically and dramatically changed my life would be an understatement. Within the first session, we cracked open some of the most deepest and most intimate memories that were stopping me from truly living into my potential. And the sessions just keep getting better and better and better. Grace is a master at what she does. She is not just somebody who's masterful at hypnotherapy, but she is so invested in her own personal growth, in her own way of doing things that she brings in so many different modalities of teaching into her practice, which just makes everything we do so much more effective. I see her as a mentor, I see her as a friend. And I really, really, really appreciate her intuitive sense and knowing of how to guide the session so that I can step into the highest potential of who I am. Grace is worth every penny. And I meant it when I say, I'm on fire today, in my business, in my life, and just my own personal sense of self and happiness and ow, because of the work that Grace and I have done together. So if you're interested in really stepping up your game and getting yourself out of your own way, and sort of alkalizing all of the weight and shadow aspects of your being that are holding you back, then with with Grace. You know, it's one of those things, I didn't know what I didn't know, and the subconscious is such a tricky place to go. We always think we need to fix one thing, but then when we get to the heart of it, it is something completely different. And that's what Grace has really helped me see and realize. I can't recommend working with her enough. If you're on the fence, just do it and thank me later.”

Michele Romanow
Star of Dragons' Den; Founder & CEO, Clearco; Seriel Entrepreneur

“Working with Grace is a serious financial investment but the returns are extraordinary. My plan is to work with her forever. I've referred all the people I love to Grace because I want them to feel the same peace I do after a session with her. On New Years' Eve I checked my sleep stats for the year and the three deepest nights of rest were when I was with Grace for our VIP days. We were working on incredibly difficult personal and professional challenges for 10 hours per day but I still slept more soundly those nights than any other nights of the year. I also listen to her Grace App every day, I'm on a 48-day streak! It's been more effective for me than any of the other sleep or meditation apps. Grace's presence in my life has truly been a game changer, I'm so excited about what she's creating and I know her company will have a profoundly positive impact on the world.”

Jennifer Racioppi
Founder of Chart Your Success, leading Astrologer, contributing writer for Well + Good

Joanna Griffiths
Founder & CEO, Knix
"Just last week I sold 80% of my company for $320 million and Grace’s support was extremely instrumental in helping me get through the process mentally and emotionally. This year has been the most stressful of my professional career yet in the midst of it all I have been kinder to myself than ever before. With Grace’s help I have let go of years worth of work-related emotional baggage and have clarity around the life I want to live and the leader, partner, mother and friend I want to be. I feel lighter and so ready for this next era of my life. At first I wasn’t sure the investment of the VIP program would be worth it but now I’m getting ready to sign up for my next package and I can’t wait. Thank you, Grace!"
Daniel Mazzone
Artist, Dubbed
“The Next Andy Warhol” at Art Basal

“When i was first introduced to Grace I was at a difficult point in my life. Challenges in my personal and work life were heavy. I had a dear friend who had experienced Graces Hypnosis. I was at a point where i would have tried anything to make things easier and more clear as the road ahead was a bit foggy. My journey with Grace has been nothing short of a blessing. I’m now more confident, happy and clear on my path. Since I began working with Grace it’s strange but truly all good things keep coming my way from personal relationships to professional accolades and everything in between. Life has really gone in the right direction. The best part is, i would consider her a friend and a gift to my new life.”

Daniel Mazzone and Grace Smith pictured with his piece “Grace” which debuted at the 1 Hotel, Art Basal December 2021.

Jennifer Racioppi
Founder of Chart Your Success, leading Astrologer, contributing writer for Well + Good
Angela Bonnici
VP of PR at Unfair Advantage

Scott Oldford
Entrepreneur, Investor, & Advisor to multiple 7+ figure businesses

Danette May
Entrepreneur, leading healthy living expert, and star of several best-selling fitness DVDs

Mari Carmen Pizarro
CV Highlights:
CEO, Whole Leadership Systems; VP Global HR, Teva Pharmaceuticals; Founder, International Women's Leadership Academy; HR Director, U.S. Bankruptcy Courts

Mari Carmen is currently one of Grace's VIP clients and brings Grace in as her "secret weapon" whenever she is coaching elite executive women, including recent workshops at DLL Group in December 2020.

Contact Marise for reference:

Brigid McCuen
CEO of MedCircle

“Before working with Grace, I thought life was supposed to feel, at its best, chronically dissatisfying and at its worst, overwhelmingly hopeless.

Day-to-day, I couldn’t escape the unhealthy levels of anxiety I was feeling without drinking wine at least four nights a week, emotional eating, or both. Nor could I trace the anxiety back to anything in particular, so I had more or less succumbed to it as “my normal.”

I had never been exposed to hypnosis outside of its (wildly inaccurate) portrayal in the Jordan Peele film ​Get Out.​ I began researching this type of treatment for my job and in doing so, I came across some jaw-dropping studies on its effectiveness in curbing a variety of infamously hard-to-kick habits like procrastination, smoking, etc. I was still unfamiliar with HOW hypnosis actually worked, but after looking at the absolutely undeniable evidence that it DID work, I couldn’t help but at least give it a chance. It started out as something I would “try,” like a free trial of a subscription, or a new diet.

From my very first session with Grace, it became clear that the work we were doing went far deeper than anything I had ever tried. It wasn’t just my actions and habits that changed over the course of my sessions with Grace. My actual motivations and desires recalibrated with my goals and what I actually wanted out of my life.

I began to exercise consistently – whereas before hypnotherapy, going to the gym was an abstract idea that I would MAYBE set into motion “tomorrow” or “next week.”

I went from not being able to fathom life without alcohol, to truly feeling joyful thanks to a newfound freedom from alcohol.

Food stopped holding any emotional weight and I no longer needed it as a crutch.

After 12 transformative sessions with Grace, I’ve lost weight in the double digits, quit drinking completely (when at the beginning of this I wouldn’t have been able to even fathom the thought), stopped procrastinating, and unearthed/confronted the real reasons I was doing all of these unhealthy things in the first place.

All of this has given me more room to be creative in my work, rediscover old hobbies, and achieve a level of presence in my interactions and meaning out of my personal relationships that I haven’t felt or experienced in a very, very long time.

Most importantly, my work with Grace has given me hope that life can amount to so much more than chronic anxiety and discontentment. Those feelings have been replaced with an overarching and steady sense of excitement of “what comes next,” and a level of mental clarity I didn’t know was possible. My work with Grace has allowed me to access a more vibrant version of myself.”

Karl Krummenacher
CEO of Mindshare Collaborative

“The most powerful part of you, is your subconscious mind. Every action, inaction, emotion, compulsion is influenced by this incredible super-computer designed to keep you safe. Unfortunately, our subconscious programming isn’t always up to us or in our best interest.

Grace Smith is perhaps the greatest “Programmer” of the subconscious mind alive today. Her unique gift is an uncanny ability to “get past the security systems” that protect old, buggy subconscious programs and reset the code of your subconscious to serve your health and happiness in ways that feel natural, effortless, wholesome and familiar.

For years I’ve struggled with an irrational fear of small spaces, making certain medical tests virtually impossible without heavy sedation – until I met and worked one-on-one with Grace. Within days I went from claustrophobic and panic prone to relaxed and at ease during an important test that I had postponed for over a year.

Beyond dealing with the acute issue at hand, Grace’s work gave me tools to dramatically lower stress levels, move “Grace-fully” through each day, sleep better and show up every day as a better human. If you’re looking to make a significant shift in your thinking and eliminate emotional reactions that don’t serve you – Grace’s program should be at the very top of your list.”

Joe Fox
CV Highlights:
Co-Founder / CEO at Blühen Botanicals; Co-Owner, Fox & Fogarty Team at Realty Executives; VP of Recruiting and Business Dev, Sky Firm International; Director, EarthStream

In addition to Joe being one of Grace’s VIP clients, the Blühen Botanicals board approved and purchased hypnotherapy sessions with Grace’s team + access to the Grace Space Hypnosis App for their employees as additions to their wellness benefit package.
Joe says, “My work with Grace was so phenomenally impactful that I couldn’t wait to provide these benefits to our team. I cannot recommend her work to you and your organization enough.”

Contact Joe for reference:

Marise Cipriani
CEO of TransBrasil & Granby Ranch

“Combine Wendy Rhodes of ‘Billions’ with Samantha from ‘Bewitched’ and you’ll be getting close to understanding Grace Smith’s level of talent. Her intuition is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. My work with her has forever changed my life... and in all areas of my life; as an entrepreneur, executive, mother, daughter, wife, sister, and friend. Yes, it’s a serious financial investment to work with her, but one day soon she’ll be as hard (or harder) to reach than Tony Robbins and anyone who passed up the opportunity to work with her now will have missed out on the opportunity of a lifetime.”
Contact Marise for reference:

Cayla Craft
CEO of Mommy Millionaire

“I'm just finishing up my first year with Grace Smith and I chose her because she's the best in the world at what she does. I heard over and over from people how amazing she was and I wanted to work with the best because I want to be the best in my field. The reason I initially hired Grace was because I was struggling with a lot of anger and it was coming out in my marriage and my business, I was already making 7-figures a year but I have billionaire energy and I wasn't going to get to the next level unless I cleared a lot of the stuff that was holding me back subconsciously. I love that I got to talk to her every week and sometimes a couple times a week, it was absolutely amazing because I needed that support and every time I spoke to her I could go back into business afterwards with more peace, calm, feeling centered, and grounded as a CEO. The investment of working with grace is absolutely worth it. I tell everyone I know they have to hire her and work with her specifically 1:1. I wish I was a billionaire right now so I could pay for everyone I love in my life to work with her!!! She is that incredible at helping people find their true self selves and that is the most powerful thing on the planet. If everyone could be walking around in their real truth the world would be infinitely better. And that is exactly what Grace helps you do. I hired her to help get rid of the anger but she helped me find myself, and helped me become more powerful. I have several different income streams now because of her. I’m just so, so grateful for her... I would pay 10x. Honestly. That’s what it’s worth to work with her. I love her so much.

Michele Cloutier
CV Highlights:
CEO, La Senza; Brand President, Chico's; EVP, Borders; SVP, Ann Taylor; VP, Gap Inc.

“I was running multi-billion dollar global corporations operating at 10% of my capacity. I didn’t know how to tap into the 90% of my potential until I began working with Grace... can you imagine if I had been operating at 100% all this time? Grace’s work has completely transformed my life. I wish I had found her 10 years ago, I’d pay 10x what she charges and it would be worth every penny. I’d also make sure she was working with every one of my executives (at the very least, ideally everyone at the entire company would be having hypnotherapy with someone from her team)… in a matter of months our entire organization would be unstoppable. Truthfully, hypnotherapy is the holy grail. I’ve done countless hours of personal development work in countless formats and NOTHING got to my subconscious and how deep these patterns are like Grace has. I have finally come home to myself, I am finally living my purpose. This is the power of what Grace does.”

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